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Jumpstart Your College Career

High school seniors can earn up to five college credits prior to their graduation! These students will have the incredible advantage of getting a jumpstart on college by taking classes through our Distance Learning program. This allows students to take a lighter load during their freshman year and acclimate to the college classroom environment.

Students can choose from the following Bible elective courses:

This course discusses the theology of religions and gives a brief overview of the major religions while providing a framework for understanding and analyzing world religions.

Instructor: Pastor Mike Johnson – 20 Lessons (2 Credits)

This course aims to help understand the modern State of Israel, current events in the Middle East, and the realities of daily life for Jewish people from a biblical perspective. In this course, you will see Israel’s history, current events, and glorious future through the prism of the Scriptures.

Instructor: David Sloan Р25 Lessons (3 Credits)

An in-depth study of the great hall of faith chapter, Hebrews 11. The encouraging examples of the faithful fortitude of Old Testament believers throughout history will be examined in detail.

Instructor: Pastor Dave Smith – 13 Lessons (1 Credit)

This is a careful consideration of the two historical books which cover the nation of Israel from the death of Moses to the arrival of Samuel. Many practical lessons concerning the course to victory and the cause of defeat are addressed.

Instructor: Pastor John Evertson – 17 Lessons (2 Credits)

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