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Available classes

A study of the book of Acts with special emphasis on the New Testament local church and its polity, philosophy, purpose, and growth.

Instructor: David Sloan – 22 Lessons (3 Credits)

The significance of our historic Baptist faith is examined in this study of the history of the church from the time of Christ to the present.

Instructor: Pastor Mike Johnson – 21 Lessons (2 Credits)

This course examines the proper principles and guidelines involved in successful counseling. A Christian must develop wisdom and discernment in dealing with people concerning problems and decisions in their lives. This course examines that responsibility and how to prepare for it properly

Instructor:  Pastor Mike Ray – 21 Lessons (2 Credits)

This course provides an overview of child and adolescent development including biological, cognitive, and social development.

Instructor: Tina Oxendine – 8 Lessons (2 Credits)

This course explains the Biblical principle of letting the aged or experienced women teach the younger women. Starting in Titus and moving to Proverbs it gives practical application of Scriptural principles while providing chapter and verse for some of the most important issues of our day.

Instructor: Francie Taylor – 28 Lessons (3 Credits)

This course discusses the theology of religions and gives a brief overview of the major religions while providing a framework for understanding and analyzing world religions.

Instructor: Pastor Mike Johnson – 20 Lessons (2 Credits)

Students will participate in a careful examination of the exemplary life of Daniel, his experiences, and the prophetic visions contained in this book.

Instructor: Pastor Jeremy Kobernat – 19 Lessons (2 Credits)

The rudiments of music, including rhythm, scales, chords, key signatures, and conducting patterns are covered in this course.  A student may be excused from this course by examination.

Instructor: Lauren Morris – 9 Lessons (2 Credits)

This course is designed for students with minimal mathematical background.  It includes a comprehensive review of basic and consumer arithmetic.

Instructor: Tina Oxendine – 11 Lessons (0 Credits transferred)

This course aims to help understand the modern State of Israel, current events in the Middle East, and the realities of daily life for Jewish people from a biblical perspective. In this course, you will see Israel’s history, current events, and glorious future through the prism of the Scriptures.

Instructor: David Sloan – 25 Lessons (3 Credits)

An in-depth study of the great hall of faith chapter, Hebrews 11. The encouraging examples of the faithful fortitude of Old Testament believers throughout history will be examined in detail.

Instructor: Pastor Dave Smith – 13 Lessons (1 Credit)

This is a survey of the history of man through ancient, medieval, and modern times. The various cultural developments of principal countries and their contributions to civilization will be emphasized.

Instructor: Joy Flint – 22 Lessons (3 Credits)

This is a careful consideration of the two historical books which cover the nation of Israel from the death of Moses to the arrival of Samuel. Many practical lessons concerning the course to victory and the cause of defeat are addressed.

Instructor: Pastor John Evertson – 17 Lessons (2 Credits)

What is the local church? This course takes us back to the Bible and melds timeless truths and wisdom from the Bible with practical application for everyday life and ministry. This class is helpful not only for pastors and those in full-time ministry but also for anyone who serves in the church on a volunteer basis or just wants to understand more about the church as it was established by Christ in the New Testament.

Instructor: Dr. Tim Ruhl – 17 Lessons (2 Credits)

A general overview of the twenty-seven books which compose the New Testament. Each book will be reviewed, and major characters, events, and themes will be highlighted.

Instructor: Craig Burcham – 28 Lessons (3 Credits)

A general overview of the thirty-nine books of the Old Testament. Each book is reviewed, and major characters, events, and themes are highlighted in this class.

Instructor: Craig Burcham – 33 Lessons (3 Credits)

This course explores the biblical guide for young pastors. The books of Titus and I & II Timothy are studied not only for their doctrinal content but also for the contrasting character of the men to which they were written. Biblical truths and practical applications make this class an invaluable help to those seeking leadership in ministry.

Instructor: Pastor John Wilkerson – 22 Lessons (2 Credits)

Students will partake in a detailed study of how to effectively carry out the Great Commission. Students learn proven methods of confrontational, door-to-door soul winning, along with practical instruction in evangelizing in any situation.

Instructor: Pastor Mike Ray – 16 Lessons (2 Credits)

An overview of the Book of Revelation, including the letters to the seven churches and the prophecies concerning the end times, this class also addresses the significance of Revelation in current events. With prophecy unfolding all around us, this course gives an in-depth study of this amazing book.

Instructor: Pastor Dave Smith – 23 Lessons (2 Credits)

A detailed study of the establishment of the United States from its beginnings up to Reconstruction. Emphasis is placed on the people, events, political influences, and philosophies that helped shape our country into a great republic.

Instructor: Jeana Sousley – 18 Lessons (3 Credits)

A detailed study of the establishment of the United States from Reconstruction to present-day affairs. Emphasis is placed on the people, events, political influences, and philosophies that helped shape our country into a great republic.

Instructor: Jeana Sousley – 19 Lessons (3 Credits)

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