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Popular courses

If you are having trouble deciding where to begin, here are a few of our most popular courses.


A study of the book of Acts with special emphasis on the New Testament local church and its polity, philosophy, purpose, and growth.


Instructor: David Sloan - 22 Lessons (3 Credits)

Baptist History

The significance of our historic Baptist faith is examined in this study of the history of the church from the time of Christ to the present day Baptist church.

Baptist History

Instructor: Pastor Mike Johnson - 21 Lessons (2 Credits)

Old & New Testament Survey

A general overview of the books of the Bible. Each book is reviewed, and major characters, events, and themes are highlighted in this class.

Old & New Testament Survey

Instructor: Craig Burcham - OTS - 33 Lessons (3 Credits) / NTS - 28 Lessons (3 Credits)

US History 1 & 2

A detailed study of the United States from establishment to present-day affairs. Emphasis is placed on the people, events, political influences, and philosophies that helped shape our great nation.

US History 1 & 2

Instructor: Jeana Sousley - USH 1 - 18 Lessons (3 Credits) / USH 2 - 19 Lessons (3 Credits)

Is Distance Learning for you?

We believe everyone can benefit from Christian training and we have programs geared for people in different stages of life and ministry.

High School Student

High School seniors have the great advantage of getting a head start on college by taking up to 5 credits online. This allows them to take a lighter load during their freshman year and acclimate to the college classroom environment.

Christian Worker

If you are already serving in a church and unable to attend college full-time, taking classes online via Distance Learning will allow you to further your Christian education in a manner that is convenient and affordable.

College Student

If you are currently enrolled in college, but due to scheduling conflicts or classes not being offered, you find yourself needing to take a course online, Distance Learning will allow you the flexibility to work around your existing class schedule.

Bible Student

If you love learning more about the Bible but aren't in a position to attend college full-time, GSBC Distance Learning is for you. Learn from premier servants of God who will open the Scripture and give you a better understanding of the Word of God.

Jumpstart Your College Career

High school seniors can earn up to five college credits prior to their graduation! These students will have the incredible advantage of getting a jumpstart on college by taking classes through our Distance Learning program.